About Clinic

We specialise in Sports Therapies, Soft-Tissue Work, Musculoskeletal (MSK) and Neurological conditions, Injuries and Pain management as well as massage and holistic well-being.

We follow holistic approach in our treatments and are aimed to provide services that are beneficial for our clients’ health. We apply a wide range of complimentary, manual and holistic therapies and techniques that allow us to make each out treatment specific, tailored and individualized according to needs of our clients.

We always happy to give an advice and to educate our clients to assist their well-being development and try to make results of our treatments stable and long-lasting.

Once a week we run a Low-Cost Clinical Day to make our treatments affordable to everyone who needs our help.

Our caring therapists are members of reputable UK bodies such as STO, CNHC, AcS. They confirm that therapists hold appropriate and recognized qualifications in therapies they provide and were trained properly. Being proud members of such honourable organization, it requires from us to follow regulations of our profession (of course, incl. safety and hygiene) and we are very happy about this and to do so!

Our therapists trying their best to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable treatments.

Our therapists are required constantly to keep eye on new researches, techniques, new therapies to develop their professional knowledge and skills continuously.

Maybe this is a reason why our clients become our Friends. A nice cup of tea or a bottle of water in relaxing environment after a treatment are always waiting for our guests, clients and friends. And sometimes, a small but nice gift from our therapists to clients make them smile! We believe that an honest smile is the first step to the well-feeling and -being!

Dear Clients and Visitors, Please note,

  • you need arrive 15 min prior your appointment time (especially if this is your first visit). If you are late and didn't inform us about this then, depends on how busy we are, your treatment time can be shorter or we can cancel your appointment.
  • we DO NOT include time spent for filling out forms/documents and assessment in the treatment time. So, please, be punctual and follow these rules and respect us and our clients.
  • we have 24 hours cancelation policy, especially if it is your first visit to us. New clients that booked an appointment and didn't arrived (without informing us appropriately) may be excluded from future bookings with us.
  • if you are late and did not inform us about this, then we cannot guarantee that we can keep your appointment, so, please, in case if you are late inform us as soon as possible.
  • Any kind of inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour will be not tolerated. In this case, appropriate actions will be taken (incl. legal).

Thank you very much for your understanding.