Course Name              Foot Reflexology course

Cost                             £200

Short Description 

This course covers the technique for performing a foot reflexology routine. It also includes anatomy & physiology resources with clear diagrams.  Reception, consultation and aftercare guidance is covered as well as contra-indications to treatment.   Photographs and videos ensure this course is both engaging and informative to give you the confidence to perform foot reflexology treatments.

With the GTi guidelines below you will be required to sign off the following tasks:

  • Maintain safe and effective methods of working when providing Reflexology treatments.
  • Consult, plan and prepare for Reflexology treatments.
  • Provide Reflexology treatments.
  • Provide aftercare advice

Qualification               GTi Award

Course Accreditation  Guild of Beauty Therapists 

Pre-requisites             None

Course Type                Theory and practical

Theory Hours              Approximately 21 hours of study time will be required to complete the theory element of this course.

Practical hours            1 day of practical training will be required to complete your assessment day. 

Examination               GTi online examinations and 1 day of practical assessment 

CPD Points                  35 Points 

Theory modules                    

  • Professional Standards Course two
  • FR001 Introduction, Reception & Consultation
  • FR002 The History of Reflexology
  • FR003 The Skeletal System
  • FR004 The Muscular System
  • FR005 The Nervous System
  • FR006 The Circulatory System
  • FR007 The Lymphatic System
  • FR008 The Endocrine System
  • FR009 The Respiratory System
  • FR010 The Digestive System
  • FR011 Functions of the Skin
  • FR012 The Sensory Organs
  • FR013 The Reproductive System
  • FR014 Theories of Reflexology
  • FR015 Stress and the Effects of Reflexology
  • FR016 Contra-indications
  • FR017 Diseases and Disorders of the Feet and Nails
  • FR018 Contra-actions
  • FR019 Preparation
  • FR020 Reading & Interpreting the Feet
  • FR021 Reflexology Techniques
  • FR022 Pressure Techniques
  • FR023 Treatment Adaptations & Aftercare

Practical modules

  • Reading and Interpreting the Feet
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Pressure Techniques